December 12, 2019

A film by Eric Minh Swenson. (Film number one-thousand two-hundred and thirty in the series.) Tendrils, the Solo Exhibition at Riverside Art Museum by Michael Skura represents his newest work in 2019. The installation includes over 1,000 pieces of hand blown glass, over 20 video projectors, metal casting, cast glass, neon plasma, sound, and interactive projection mapping technologies. Skura’s newest exhibit explores materials and technologies with minds of their own and celebrates conventional defects as opportunities for the expression of the essence of the materials. Working primarily with blown glass and video projection, Skura is most interested in “coaching” glass to assert itself through distortions, bubbles, debris, stress marks, and chemical reactions. Lighting phenomena and interactive technology are integral to Skura’s work. In many cases, the light itself becomes the central artwork in its own right. His installations combine moments of “simple magic,” such as headlights reflecting off bent chrome car bumpers, with more sophisticated effects generated using motion sensors, 3D video mapping, and directionally reflective surfaces. Filling more than 2,000 square feet at the Riverside Art Museum in Riverside, California with original work, Skura has partnered with Epson®, Lumo Play and RabCup Corp to create a unique and other worldly experience.