Ed Ruscha

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A new Film by Eric Minh Swenson

“Guardians”  A documentary short focusing on street murals by Kent Twitchell

EMS Art Film Series is proud to announce its newest film- Guardians… on the occasion of his 1000th film release!

A powerful documentary-Guardians, features murals created by Kent Twitchell, “The Godfather of Street Art.” Guardians is the first of a four-part film documentary series and will focus on five L. A. murals from Twitchell’s extensive oeuvre: 6 LA Artists, The Ed Ruscha Monument, Gary Lloyd Monument, and The Altar Piece, (The Lita Albuquerque Monument, and The Jim Morphesis Monument.)

Twitchell has been painting enormous portraits on walls in American cities (he refers to them as “his giants”) for nearly fifty years. Twitchell’s work is meticulous– it belongs in a museum yet is freely offered– a gift to the community. In ART Lά-bas, Lita Barrie writes, “Twitchell’s magnanimous monumental portraits are a major contribution to L.A. because they allow the general public to ponder and muse on the enticing beauty of classical art values seen outside museum walls.”

Sadly, only three of the five monuments featured in this film still enrich the landscape of Los Angeles, while two of them are gone; painted over carelessly or vindictively, Los Angeles grieves for the loss. These giant guardians that remain give comfort to Angelinos as they seem to look down as watchers and protectors guarding the community where they reside.

Guardians, is a directed by Eric Minh Swenson and Produced by Alice Emmons and AC Projects.