Pia Pack

“Have you ever wondered what artists listen to while in the studio and what that tell us

about the artist? London based artist Pia Pack did and took her relocation to Los Angeles as an opportunity to get to know her new city and fellow artists. What Artists Listen To first season explores the soundtracks of Los Angeles female identifying artist’s lives through discussion of tracks on their curated playlist. Inspired by Kim Schoenstadt’s Now Be Here project, Pia decided to focus solely on female identifying Los Angeles artists for the first season of W.A.L.T.

“I love the project because for most artists music has gone hand in hand with their studio practice since the very beginning – it’s a bit like asking to see their dairies. As a listener, it further fleshes out the artists, it’s an insight into their artistic process.“ says creator Pia Pack. The live version will feature Alexandra GrantZeal HarrisCole JamesAlison Saar, Shizu Salamando, among others. Pia’s studio work focuses on the way people connect and interact, translating movements and mapping sounds into her artwork. At the centre of her practice is the desire to bring people together. Pia Pack studied fine art in London at Byam Shaw St. Martins School of Art,Wimbledon School of Art, and Hochschule für Künste, Hamburg. She recently completed her MFA at Bath School of Art.

The podcast will launch on 17 March on iTunes, please visit www.whatartistslistento.com for further information and the live version lineup.”