Design Miami/ is the global forum for design. Each fair brings together the most influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators and critics from around the world in celebration of design culture and commerce. Occurring alongside the Art Basel fairs in Miami, USA each December and Basel, Switzerland each June, Design Miami/ has become the premier venue for collecting, exhibiting, discussing and creating collectible design.

Design Miami/ is more than a marketplace for design, where the world’s top galleries gather to present museum-quality exhibitions of twentieth and twenty-first century furniture, lighting and objets d’art. Each show balances exclusive commercial opportunities with progressive cultural programming, creating exciting collaborations with designers and design institutions, panels and lectures with luminaries from the worlds of design, architecture, art and fashion, and unique commissions from the world’s top emerging and established designers and architects.

By continuously expanding and enriching its program, Design Miami/ seeks to not only satisfy the demand for a high-end design fair, but also to broaden awareness of modern and contemporary design, fuel the market for collectible design, and provide an exciting yet accessible destination for collectors and enthusiasts alike. – taken from website

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Beth Rudin DeWoody’s art collection in West Palm Beach is a new addition to the art community in South Florida. Here is preview to her extensive private modern to contemporary art collection.

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The inaugural weekend will take place November 30 to December 2, 2018 just before Art Basel Miami Beach, one of the most significant destination art fairs in the world.

Founded by gallerist Sarah Gavlak, the weekend formalizes the fact that major collectors typically spend the week before the ABMB in Palm Beach and host lavishly during that time. Led by Gavlak and an Advisory Board that includes Beth Rudin DeWoody, Amy Phelan, Franklin Sirmans and other prominent leaders in the industry, New Wave Art Wknd’s mission is to foster a dialogue in the burgeoning contemporary art community in Palm Beach, while also addressing critical issues of our time that artists so eloquently address. Main topics for 2018 will include diversity and immigration.

The invited guests of seasoned collectors, numbering no more than a few dozen, will be feted with lunches, dinners and programming dedicated to lively and provocative dialogue about the future of culture.  

The itinerary includes private tours of prominent contemporary collectors’ homes in the area, including Jane Holzer and Lisa and Richard Perry. The weekend’s highlight will be the opening of The Bunker Artspace: Collection of Beth Rudin DeWoody. For the 2018 installation, viewers will have the opportunity to discover new curations, while revisiting others preserved from the past year. Artist E.V. Day and White Cube’s New York Artistic Director, Eric Shiner, will each co-curate a room with Beth Rudin DeWoody.

There will also be a public programming component featuring panel discussions, lectures and the opening of a public art project in West Palm Beach curated by Yvonne Force Villareal & Doreen Remen.

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Untitled, Art is an international, curated art fair founded in 2012 that focuses on curatorial balance and integrity across all disciplines of contemporary art. Untitled, Art innovates the standard fair model by selecting a curatorial team to identify, and curate a selection of galleries, artist-run exhibition spaces, and non-profit institutions and organizations, in dialogue with an architecturally designed venue. The next edition of Untitled, Miami Beach will take place on the beach at Ocean Drive and 12th Street, December 5 — 9, 2018.

Jeffrey Lawson is the Founder and owner of Art Fairs Unlimited, LLC, Untitled, Art and ELEMENTS Global Trade Show, LLC. Lawson has produced and consulted on large-scale trade shows globally for the past 12 years. In 2010, Lawson founded Elements Showcase. In 2012, he established Untitled, Art, which launched in December 2012 on the sands of Miami Beach at Ocean Drive and 12th Street, and debuted on the West Coast in San Francisco in January 2017. 

In July 2017 Untitled, Art appointed Manuela Mozo as Director to lead the international development of Untitled and oversee the curatorial and strategic vision of the fairs in Miami and San Francisco. Manuela Mozo was a partner at Simon Lee Gallery from 2013, where she established the gallery’s office in New York. Prior to this, Manuela was a Director at Metro Pictures and Skarstedt Gallery, both in New York. Manuela holds a Masters in Contemporary Art Theory and Cultural Studies from New York University and currently sits on the advisory board of RxArt. – from website

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A new film by Eric Minh Swenson.
Inferno debuts the complete collection of Supreme’s artist skateboards and accessories. Created by Ryan Fuller & Yukio Takahashi, the exhibit features every accessory and skateboard deck released by Supreme (with the exception of the pinball machine). Inferno will debut at the Jason Vass gallery in downtown Los Angeles’ arts district on December 2, 2018 and will show through December 15, 2018. The collection of skate decks is owned by Ryan Fuller, the sole owner and collector of every deck over the past 20 years,  and co-hosted by Yukio Takahashi, the sole owner of the accessory collection. Both will be on display and auctioned at Inferno. The exhibit, curated by gallery owner Jason Vass, and entrepreneur & Brotherhood founder, Christion Lennon. The Inferno collection is authenticated by stockX.
Gallery exhibition, Inferno , a complete archive of Supreme skate decks, debuts at the Jason Vass Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles on December 2, 2018 through December 15, 2018 for the two week viewing.
The skate deck collection is owned by Ryan Fuller, the sole owner and collector of every deck over the past 20 years, and co-hosted by Yukio Takahashi, the sole owner of the entire accessories collection (minus the pinball machine) from Supreme which will be on display and featured at Inferno. The exhibit, curated by gallery owner, Jason Vass and Entrepreneur / Brotherhood Founder Christion Lennon, will welcome guests and art dealers to preview and purchase the collection valued at over $2M over the two week period on display.
The inferno collection is authenticated by stockX.
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