Spring ASC Photo Gallery. Curated by Paris Chong. American School of Cinematographers. Los Angeles. Photos. Written by Angela Izzo

by Angela Izzo 

EMSARTSCENE Contributing Writer 3.11.2018

It was a rainy night as I approached the historic ASC clubhouse located in the heart of Hollywood. Umbrellas rested by the entrance as I walked into a warm gallery presentation curated by Paris Chong, director of the Leica gallery. Sophisticated film buff types filled the gallery as I wandered around. Some flashing their own personal cameras to one another comparing photography techniques. A beautiful arrangement of cheeses, salami, fruits and cocktails really was a nice touch. I’m Italian so I notice these things. The show was focused of “The Best director of photography” I thought this theme was refreshing because the show embraced film makers and displayed their work in a gallery setting. Natural landscapes, photojournalism, and some war photographs we showcased. One photo I saw in particular reminded me of a photograph I took out in Joshua Tree with a nude model posing in a powerful, yes graceful way embracing the nature that surrounded her. The photo I saw was called “Sunshine Angel” by Bill Bennett taken in the Mojave Desert. It was also of a nude model with posing on the desert rocks with sheer fabric dancing around her creating this angelic form. Majoring in photo journalism I loved the photojournalist aspect of this show and I thought Paris did a great job on the curation. The perfect show to experience on a brisk rainy night in Hollywood. 

From ASC website :


“The spring 2018 edition of the ASC Gallery opened at the historic ASC Clubhouse on Saturday, March 10, featuring 45 photographs from nine participating Society members: Bill BennettRoger DeakinsShelly JohnsonGeorge MooradianJames NeihouseAntonio RiestraDavid StumpMandy Walker and Alexander Witt. Coordinated by Photo Gallery committee chair Charlie Lieberman, ASC, the exhibition was curated by Paris Chong, manager of the Leica Gallery in Los Angeles.”


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