Nairy Baghranian : Maintainers. Kurimanzutto. Mexico City. Photos

“For his first exhibition in Kurimanzutto, Nairy Baghramian presents a set of recent sculptures, titled Maintainers . Each work consists of three independent elements – coarse aluminum molds, colored wax figures and lacquered supports. Even when they are displayed in a dispersed manner within the gallery space, all elements share a visible correlation and a potential for inherent interdependence and connectivity. Abstract cuboid shapes made of polishing wax defy modernist vocabularies. Its material nature supposes a submissive utilitarian purpose, since they exist to preserve its aluminum counterpart that in the long run could consume them gradually.

The Nairy Baghramian practice is encouraged by a determination to connect formal concerns with content investigations. The artist is committed to an active questioning of traditional sculpture, stratifying her work with reflections on institutional realities, socio-political issues, as well as historical background of the worlds of art, architecture and design. Baghramian often challenges the boundaries between sculpture and molds, object and meaning, strength and fragility, the organic and the mechanical.”

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